Human Capital

Human Capital

Mettec benefits now from a project cofinansed by the European Social Fund as part of the Human Capital Programme called “European Funds – a chance to boost employment in Tczew County”.

The program provides confirmation of the main directions of development in the goverment’s politics of employment and allows to make use of European’s Social Fund financial resources.The main aim of the program is to increase employment and to rise social cohesion as well. The achivement of the basic aim is being fulfill by six strategic objectives as follow:

  • rising the level of professional activity and ability to employ for persons staying unemployed long time;
  • reduction in the areas of social exclusion;
  • acting of improvements of ability for adaptation of employees and companies to changes occuring in economy;
  • improving the public access education at the various levels of education while increasing the quality of education services;
  • increasing the capacity of public administration to creation new programs suporting people’s professional activities;
  • increasing teritorial cohesion.

The program’s activities cover areas such as: employment, education, social integration, progress of potencial adaptation levels of emplyers and companies, problems related with human resources and the construction of an efficient and effective public administration at all levels as well.

The initiative gives young engineers an opportunity to develop and put into practice their knowledge. It creates the right environment where they can further their career and gather experience, which is crucial in today’s world.

The Operational Programm is cofinansed at 85% by European Union’s financial resources, and being more precisely from European Social Fund and at 15% by National resources of Polish Government. The total amount foreseen for the implementation of the Programm is more then 11,5 mld Euro.

Human Capital


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