CNC lathe turning

CNC lathe turning

Precision turning within dimensional tolerance between 2 and 23 millimeters is done automatically in the CNC process. We are well placed to manufacture complex details well precision is important. The following materials and features are our main range of production:

materials – stainless steel,- low and high carbon steel,

– brass alloys,

– copper alloys,

– aluminium alloys

PN-EN 10270-3PN-67/M-80026 and PN-EN 10270-1

wg norm EN, DIN

PN-EN 12164

EN AW 1050A H24 i odpowiednio pokrewne

machining parameters – base range I

– base range II

– enhanced

– lenth of bars

from dia. 2 mm do 12 mmfrom dia 3 mm do 32 mmup to 40 mmup to 3000 mm
products and application – hydraulic and pneumatic parts,- electrotechnical industry,

– lightning industry,

– other applications

sworznie, ośki, wałki z gwintempiny, styki, trzpienie, szpilki, dystanse, pierścienietulejki, wałeczki, elementy toczone, stykiwałki z kształtami poprzecznymitulejki, sworznie, pręty z obróbką poprzeczną

Precision and consistency is what we have learned working for the automotive industry.

We machine our components on production lines using CNC lathes with automatic loading unit /rod feed mechanism/ where the finished product goes to ultrasounds washing stands.

We offer turned ferrous, nonferrous metal and plastic parts assembly.


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Complex parts

The offer take cover also the complex parts joined from CNC machined parts with materials as follow:

  • rubber
  • plastic and others


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