Turned parts

Turned parts

Continuous improvement – we put ourselves as a goal that we work on every project. We recognize the need for continuous improvement on many levels: organizational and process technology. This approach makes constantly looking for new solutions, even in areas with a well-established technology. No process or project is not considered to be definitively established and may be subject to change. The creativity of our employees is widely recognized in the company at any point in the life of the product. Turned parts produced with the swiss type CNC lathes have must superior accuracy and precision. We know that our final product, whether it is:

  • Pivot moves the drive;
  • part of the swivel;
  • Bush;
  • roller bearings, or
  • a complex part that requires turning, milling and grinding, of broader meaning precision CNC machining, on our customer becomes an important part of-precision component for subassembly.

TURNED PARTSWith our approach, it appears that the client can count on the optimisation of the production of turned parts both in the early stages of implementation, preparation of test parts, as well as during the course of the series production contract. We suggest and offer its participation at an early stage of development of the project. Then sometimes we invite you to cooperate with our suppliers as well, the result is often a solution “tailor made” – tailor made-very often results in high efficiency of manufactured parts and shared success with our clients.

Each new project enriches the base experience, expands the company’s resources in terms of technology tools and methodology of machining.


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