Turning rods

Turning rods

According to our “process development” project the new solutions for tooling in an area of longitudinal lathe rods turning have been implemented.

We have been working for quite a long time to solve the problem with quality of the face surface in turned parts. Explorations and tests done on longitudinal lathes aimed to optimalize the hybrid approach to matching the right tools with working parameters. It’s known that the perimeter’s speed of milling drops when the process approaches of process (turning on swiss type of lathes) the axis of the material which effects quality.

For operations which take place near the center of the material we have tested several setups of turning parameters and modified tools manufactured by leading tooling company Sandvik ®. They all were aimed at obtaining very smooth and flat face front surface with the Ra parameter described by client’s demands.

The results of experiments with helpful client’s supporters from Sandvik brought knowledge about the turning process on lathe longitudinal turning and has been implemented as a solution for quality production for one of our customers who had been searching for the right technology for more then two years.


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